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GoS for LoL (External) - V.I.P. Subscription

  • Introduction:
  • Uses an overlay to draw, meaning you can stream with visuals without any issue.
  • Works completely outside of the League process, meaning better performance and much harder to detect.
  • Simulates keyboard clicks and mouse movement, meaning it acts like a human being and is hard to detect.
  • Doesn't inject or intercept the game process in any way, meaning it's much safer to use and it can't cause bugsplats.
  • Requirements:
    • Operating System: Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or newer; (Windows XP is not supported)
    • DirectX 9 library.
    • Windows Aero enabled.
    • LoL Windowed or Borderless mode (doesn't support fullscreen)
    • GARENA (Asia) servers are NOT supported due to DEMACIA anti-cheat.
  • Perks you get:
    • You're put in the Subscriber group, getting cool glowing name.
    • Get bigger forum PM Inbox.
    • Get bigger avatar size, signature size.
    • Ability to edit own shouts in SB and have no delay between posting.
    • Unlock the GoS for LoL External forum section.
    • Unlock in the GoS Loader access to the GoS Ext tab.