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[Format] Scam Report

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Hi GoS :)
With the introduction of the marketplace, GoS users have been selling and trading stuff and items here :) As more transactions will be ongoing in the future, I'm creating this thread so anyone who is unfortunately scammed (I hope it's not you :c) can report in this section so moderators and administrators can take action accordingly. The following below will be the format for reporting(please do use this format for easier reporting, thanks :P)
Person That You Want To Report :
Reason For Reporting :
Sales/Trading Thread :
Evidence(Pictures, chat logs) :
Description/Elaboration :
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can i fk u plz

So horny
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Person That You Want To Report : Jordi
Reason For Reporting : never recieved a bought account
Sales/Trading Thread : http://gamingonstero...uched-by-staff/
Evidence(Pictures, chat logs) : more then enough :D

1  http://prntscr.com/9pxq2i

2  http://prntscr.com/9pxq9m

3  http://prntscr.com/9pxqdx       --- it's not that hot girl from his profie pic :'(

4  http://prntscr.com/9pxqsz       --- proof of the money i sent: http://prntscr.com/9pxr9s

5  http://prntscr.com/9pxr2j


6  http://prntscr.com/9pxrxq


7  http://prntscr.com/9pxs5a


8  http://prntscr.com/9pxsj2


9  . http://prntscr.com/9pxsvf


10   http://prntscr.com/9pxtna


Most recent: http://prntscr.com/9s1x1t

Description/Elaboration : buying account

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Person That You Want To Report :HackerSkid
Reason For Reporting : Scammed me for a account
Sales/Trading Thread :http://gamingonstero...accounts-cheap/
Evidence(Pictures, chat logs) :

[11:39:40 AM] *** TEAM SKILLING would like to add you on Skype

Tere, Harbringer1992! Soovin su kontaktiks lisada. ***
[11:39:54 AM] *** Harbringer1992 has shared contact details with TEAM SKILLING. ***
[11:40:12 AM] Harbringer1992: hello
[11:40:14 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Hey!
[11:40:20 AM] TEAM SKILLING: You the guy about PLAT ?
[11:40:21 AM] Harbringer1992: so u got the stuff huh
[11:40:26 AM] Harbringer1992: NA plat
[11:40:40 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Yeah, i amanged to crack few, both unverified
[11:40:53 AM] Harbringer1992: yea ive tired cracking all I get is unranked 30's
[11:41:13 AM] Harbringer1992: bruteforce with sentrymba
[11:41:26 AM] TEAM SKILLING: yeah, i know the feeling :) Found out another way (betterway) how to crack
[11:41:32 AM] Harbringer1992: sql?
[11:41:41 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Yep
[11:41:50 AM] Harbringer1992: yea I cant seem to figure that out haha
[11:41:54 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Brings me on accounts that i never found before :D
[11:42:10 AM] Harbringer1992: tired it. I cant seem to figure out how that works
[11:42:33 AM] Harbringer1992: anyways what does the account have on it?
[11:42:42 AM] TEAM SKILLING: 32champs 5 skins
[11:42:49 AM] Harbringer1992: rune pages?
[11:42:57 AM] Harbringer1992: ip/rp?
[11:43:41 AM] Harbringer1992: ask price for it?
[11:43:50 AM] Harbringer1992: asking*
[11:45:37 AM] TEAM SKILLING: 4runepages, 200rp, 15k ip
[11:45:39 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Offer.
[11:45:53 AM] Harbringer1992: er hm
[11:46:50 AM] Harbringer1992: I'm thinkin in the ball park of around 100. since it is a plat and it is unverified and has 15k ip
[11:47:19 AM] Harbringer1992: rune pages aint bad. 32 chamos kinda low but 5 skins aint to bad
[11:47:24 AM] Harbringer1992: champs*
[11:48:18 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Low yes, but expensive champions, mostly adcs
[11:48:28 AM] Harbringer1992: I'm a adc main so it works
[11:48:42 AM] Harbringer1992: gonna use it with gos ext
[11:48:51 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Heh alright.
[11:49:08 AM] Harbringer1992: just need a plat account so I can play with little bro. mine got banned for toxic
[11:49:18 AM] TEAM SKILLING: rofl
[11:49:21 AM] TEAM SKILLING: So whats the final pricfe?
[11:49:22 AM] Harbringer1992: yup #tyler 1
[11:49:35 AM] Harbringer1992: 100?
[11:49:45 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Oo tyler 1, it has gladiator draven skin
[11:49:45 AM] TEAM SKILLING: lmao
[11:49:55 AM] Harbringer1992: eh I suck at draven lmfao
[11:50:01 AM] Harbringer1992: i main vayne
[11:50:08 AM] Harbringer1992: got to plat 2 legit with vayne
[11:50:14 AM] TEAM SKILLING: aight, so im down.. Im thinking does they have legit MMs on this forum
[11:50:18 AM] Harbringer1992: then started scripting to get to master
[11:50:39 AM] Harbringer1992: idk
[11:50:56 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Been selling cracked accounts there, given out vouch accounts etc
[11:50:59 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Idk if that helps here lol
[11:51:20 AM] Harbringer1992: it proby does i mean if u wanan give me a vouch ill post for ya lmfao
[11:51:53 AM] Harbringer1992: do you have your own shop page?
[11:51:57 AM] TEAM SKILLING: I gave only to trusted people there
[11:52:00 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Script devs
[11:52:03 AM] Harbringer1992: as a post in the selling areas?
[11:53:47 AM] TEAM SKILLING: http://gamingonstero...accounts-cheap/
[11:54:38 AM] Harbringer1992: i see tosh vouched for u
[11:54:47 AM] Harbringer1992: that makes my nervous at ez
[11:54:54 AM] TEAM SKILLING: why? :D
[11:55:38 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Ohh, now i gotcha what you meantl ol
[11:55:50 AM] Harbringer1992: its ahrd to trust sellers haha
[11:55:52 AM] Harbringer1992: ahrd*
[11:55:55 AM] Harbringer1992: hard*
[11:55:59 AM] TEAM SKILLING: yes, i feel you lol
[11:56:10 AM] Harbringer1992: ight  so you like paypal?
[11:56:20 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Yep.
[11:56:29 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Or you got anything else?
[11:56:31 AM] Harbringer1992: and how do i receive my account?
[11:56:38 AM] Harbringer1992: paypal is what i use
[11:56:41 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Will be given trough skype or .txt file
[11:56:43 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Up to you
[11:56:47 AM] Harbringer1992: i have a verified paypal account
[11:57:06 AM] Harbringer1992: though skype would be easier
[11:57:14 AM] TEAM SKILLING: I think so to
[11:57:41 AM] Harbringer1992: where do i send money to?
[11:58:07 AM] TEAM SKILLING: teamleague@cock.li
[11:58:09 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Dont ask.
[11:58:19 AM] Harbringer1992: once all complete and i change account information if all looks well ill bouch for u on site. I'm in with devs as well.
[11:58:28 AM] Harbringer1992: vouch*
[11:58:32 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Yeh, works fine
[11:58:48 AM] Harbringer1992: dat name tho lmao
[11:59:32 AM] TEAM SKILLING: as i said dont ask
[11:59:33 AM] TEAM SKILLING: :D
[11:59:53 AM] Harbringer1992: okay so 100 us dollars is 86.53 eur
[11:59:55 AM] TEAM SKILLING: Ohh btw, F&F method to avoid chargebacks, had couple of issues here with buyers.
[12:00:14 PM] Harbringer1992: i see ur not us dollors
[12:00:19 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Euros yes.
[12:00:40 PM] Harbringer1992: would u like it to be the 100 euros or is this fine?
[12:00:54 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Im fine with 100us
[12:00:59 PM] TEAM SKILLING: If you want, you can send 100€ :D
[12:01:00 PM] TEAM SKILLING: More to me :D
[12:01:29 PM] Harbringer1992: okay however i selected the one that protects me just in case of a scam. never done a charge back so no worries to u
[12:01:38 PM] Harbringer1992: just s safety net
[12:01:48 PM] Harbringer1992: or my girl will kick my ass for losing 100 dollars lmfao
[12:01:55 PM] Harbringer1992: id like to sleep in bed not on the couch
[12:02:25 PM] TEAM SKILLING: As i said, i cant accept other methdos, then GIFT, i already had 3 issues with buyers who charged back.
[12:02:30 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Its just a cracked accounts
[12:02:37 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Not my main or so that im able to recover
[12:02:54 PM] TEAM SKILLING: I can give another account to toshi to vouch for me :D Diamond acc :D
[12:03:02 PM] TEAM SKILLING: All the accounts he got was unverified
[12:03:23 PM] Harbringer1992: ill do thee send money to friends/family then
[12:03:32 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Alright.
[12:03:51 PM] Harbringer1992: however if i do get scammed you will get blacklisted from site. just a heads up,
[12:04:52 PM] Harbringer1992: You've sent €86.53 EUR to teamleague@cock.li

Funds Availability Date: Jun 2, 2017
You sent: $99.99 USD
Fee: $0.50 USD
You paid: $100.49 USD
teamleague@cock.li will get: €86.53 EUR

Conversion rate: 1 USD = 0.8653 EUR
[12:05:16 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Friends/fam usually dont take fees :D
[12:05:34 PM] Harbringer1992: it does tho  :9
[12:05:39 PM] Harbringer1992: if you do the other way
[12:05:42 PM] Harbringer1992: u pay the fee
[12:05:47 PM] Harbringer1992: i don't\
[12:05:52 PM] Harbringer1992: if i gift it i pay
[12:05:59 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Yeye, my bad i forgot lol
[12:06:06 PM] Harbringer1992: okay account info?
[12:06:49 PM] TEAM SKILLING: One sec, my balance is still 15€
[12:06:57 PM] TEAM SKILLING: It might take couple of mins to process
[12:07:15 PM] Harbringer1992: Transaction ID
[12:07:26 PM] Harbringer1992: Sent to
    James Ledmund
[12:07:39 PM] Harbringer1992: Note to James Ledmund
    this is Harbringer. Ready for my NA plat account
[12:08:06 PM] Harbringer1992: Your recipient should have the money by June 2, 2017.
[12:08:14 PM] Harbringer1992: it may not show up right away
[12:09:21 PM] TEAM SKILLING: Well i trust you once i have it on my balance, dont think i scammed you but i want to make sure i got the money
[12:09:46 PM] Harbringer1992: if the balance doesn't show till june 2?
[12:10:06 PM] TEAM SKILLING: If you sent as Friends/family it should be instant or 5mins
[12:13:15 PM] Harbringer1992: Starting to worry me here of a possible scam. i know tosh vouched and all but there was some people that said scam.


[12:13:51 PM] Harbringer1992: emailing feretorix now you will be blacklisted from site
[12:13:57 PM] Harbringer1992: also charging back my money
[12:18:25 PM] Harbringer1992: nice scam enjoy the bam
[12:18:27 PM] Harbringer1992: ban
Description/Elaboration : I made a post http://gamingonstero...ked-na-account/ and he responded. Checked and tosh did vouch so thought it was safe? yea he dipped on me as soon as he got the money, learned my listen to never buy from this community again.

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Person That You Want To Report :http://gamingonstero...-lolsmurfst0re/
Reason For Reporting :never received account that i bought.
Sales/Trading Thread :http://gamingonstero...29/#entry161036
Evidence(Pictures, chat logs) :b96e0ece22b59151c660e49064a7fd16.png



He received payment, responded to me saying it'll be a few mins, now it's been over an hour. from 17:40, now it's 19:27.


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