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Be a [Trial Developer] - Gain [GoS EXT] access!

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Today I have decided it's time to make an opportunity, both for people and the future development of GoS EXTERNAL. You have the chance of earning lifetime GoS EXT access for free, but here are the requirements:


  • You must have developed scripts before (doesn't matter for which scripting platform).
  • You must have an active GitHub account with scripts in it.
  • You must show proof that the GitHub account is indeed yours.
  • If you have a "special" rank in other scripting platform, you can also show that.
  • All this information shall be shared in a Private Message directly to Feretorix .





After fulfilling all the requirements, do you have anything to lose? No - only win! Here is what you get for sure (if you have developed at least 1 script for GoS EXT):

  • Access to a scripting tool which is the only one undetected and can't get you banned. It has been undetected for at least 6 months in a closed beta environment and more than a month after the public release. Not a single person being banned for using it.
  • Access to the GoS EXT forum and it's community inside.




What happens if i get the Trial Developer rank, but after 10 days I don't release anything because I didn't like GoS EXT or didn't like it's API?

  • You will be moved to the regular members group, but you had the chance to try GoS EXT for free and code for it!




What happens if I code a few scripts which are not the best or i just get bored and not feel like coding anymore, do I lose my trial dev rank?

  • No, you won't lose it, we appreciate your work no matter what and you will be moved to the Contributors rank.




What happens then if I am super passionate about my work and keep coding, releasing amazing scripts which have good mechanics and can be used in competitive playground (like plat/dia/masters)?

  • I will recognize your work really easy because myself I play League from time to time in around Plat elo, not to mention there are users in the forums which will be super happy about using your scripts.
  • For each really well made script (even if it's one) you can earn real cash as a gratitude and be moved to the official Scripts Developer group. (Only PayPal accepted)
  • After receiving the Official Dev rank, you can start coding VIP scripts for Internal and also earn each month money from there too.




You have nothing to lose! You can either be recognized as Contributor or become a real Script Developer and earn real cash! This offer will end in Dec 31 2017.

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