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[Beta v21] Eternal Orbwalker


Best Answer Toshibiotro , 02 April 2017 - 03:33

v2: Fixed lasthitting issues
v3: Fixed Graves damage + fixed weird orbwalking around Syndra + fixed some errors

v4: Fixed undertower lasthitting + code cleanup + better performance
v5: Enabled for patch 7.7 + added a lot more bonus damages

v6: Fixed Nidalee damage + added Sona auto attack reset + disabled auto attacks while Gragas and Galio are channeling

v7: Added auto update + disabled auto attacks when using Kennen's e + removed farm delay + fixed weird orbwalker stuttering + increased jungle orbwalking speed
v8: Faster kiting + fixed Rengar jump orbwalking + should work with GoSEvade now
v9: Fixed a huge mistake in the animation time calculation orbwalker should perform much smoother now

v10: Fixed Poppy damage + block attacks during Zac R + block movements and attacks during Zac E

v11: Added Titanic Hydra to auto attack resets + fixed Draven axe damage + fixed Cho'Gath damage

v12: Fixed Graves orbwalking + fixed weird Twitch orbwalking stop + better auto attack cancel detection

v13: Enabled for patch 7.8 + fixed weird orbwalking around Zyra seeds + tweaked laneclear + blocked attacks while blinded + added API

v14: Added Rakan and Xayah attack data + added better stick to target settings + fixed Ahri lasthitting

v15: Enabled for patch 7.9

v16: Fixed TF ultimate bug

v17: Perfect max range orbwalking + reworked buff manager + doesn't attack Jax if his stun is up + improved stick to target

v18: Enabled for patch 7.10

v19: Enabled for patch 7.11

v20: Enabled for patch 7.12

v21: Enabled for patch 7.13

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How do I install, does it still work?

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Can someone smart update this for 8.11?

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