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GoS for LoL External [First Banwave and the future of the Project]

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What happened:


Today: 11th of July 2017 was issued the first ever ban-wave which affected most of the GoS EXT user-base. It was probably the longest run for a community to survive. GoS EXT was privately used since around early September 2016, was officially released in January 12th 2017 which makes it exactly 6 full months of being undetected.





GoS EXT is slower than Internal. If it's also detected - isn't the project dead now?


Not quite, while people who lost their main accounts might have a few options; 1) stop scripting at all and start from zero - legit, 2) start buying smurf accounts and script with injected tools and get banned every 2 weeks - these are the people who we can count as lost customers for the EXT user-base. But there will be the 3rd type of people, either buy a new high rank account or start from zero which will keep supporting GoS EXT. For the people which decide to support me - I will support them too!





How people will keep supporting GoS EXT if it's unsafe, will you make it undetected again?


While nobody can promise staying undetected forever and ever there is still a lot which could be done to stay safe as long as possible. Just think for a second, it took exactly 6 months for Rito to take actions against GoS EXT since it became too viral and popular and dragged attention to itself. If we were around 50 ~ 100 people then nobody would have really cared to issue a ban-wave. Right now I have plans on reworking/fixing parts of GoS EXT to make it undetected (great) again.





I have an account which I scripted on 2 months ago and didn't play with it ever since today. Now it's banned. Explain?


It's likely that 2-3 months ago just a few people were randomly banned and two weeks later un-banned. Rito might have been testing a new system to detect GoS EXTERNAL and then remove account suspensions. (in case legit users were affected too and didn't really script). If rioter was monitoring our forum might have leaked information of certain users getting banned/unbanned and verifying that on their servers.





If it's EXTERNAL (not injected) and it got detected, do you know how it happened?


While I can't share information exactly how EXT operates (for security reasons), there are a few things I could possibly say to the public scene:

1) GoS EXT operates completely outside of the game memory, but still 2 months ago was leaving a really small trace behind itself, this has been fixed like 1 month ago.

2) GoS EXT was having unencrypted one-instance-check and the data (script transfer) from Loader to EXT was not encrypted. This has been fixed like 1 month ago.

-Both of those things were released back then as a "security patch" for Loader.exe - it also fixed a crack Asians were abusing for GoS Internal and External.

3) GoS EXT was solely and only using Loader.exe (kept running during games). That same loader has file description such as "GamingOnSteroids", this has been fixed like 15 days ago where I let people choose their own 32bit process and using Loader.exe is not needed.




Do you know how to fix GoS EXT to be safe again?


Yes, I still have some more ideas:

One of the things would be most likely forbid completely using Loader.exe as a dummy process to GoS EXTERNAL. Each individual person of you has to find their own process and their own method to inject GoS EXTERNAL in their 32bit antivirus or any other process and if possible hide that process with firewall or antivirus or driver so other applications like LoLLauncher LoLClient League of Legends and other dummy processes (since legacy client rework) won't be able to scan your system and analyse 3rd party processes in your RAM. The goal is to cause as much false positive detections as possible and make it as hard as possible to trace back GoS EXT. This is probably as far as i can give information - anything else will be done "under the skin" and for the sake of security I will not give out information.





How long do we need to wait for the new security patch?


I will be disabling GoS EXT for purchase in the store. When the new Loader and EXT safety patches are applied they will be announced in Loader.exe, above the shoutbox and GoS EXT will be restored for purchasing in the store.







With the new GoS EXT security rework, I will try to support Xigncode3 in Asia servers (and most likely Garena). When that happens I will post a topic with my journey, playing at least once game weekly posting proof that i am not yet banned in there.

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