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How could I translate a script?

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I would really like to know the way I could translate the API of another website such as Bol or elobuddy, to Gos API, therefore being able to transform a script from another website to Gos. In addition I want to learn to code gos scripts, which I have allready tried to do, but yet the translating of a script of another website it's being extremely hard for a newby like me, since I don't even know where to start.

I know this could be kind of controversial, but it's merely for curiosity and learning purposes, which I'm really bugged I'm not able to do this on my own.

I hope someone could provide me with some insight on how to edit another websites scripts and make them work on this loader it would be great. If not, could I at least have some advice on what steps are first on this process? Thank you so much in advanced 😊
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Its done fairly easily, just time consuming to the point its not worth it.

If youre doing to learn its a decent idea, although original, basic scripts might be the option. I recommend making these scripts in order:

  1. Garen - Q AA reset, Auto E if someone is close, R execute and villain detection
  2. Darius - Q forced movement, W AA reset, E pull, R execute with stacks in mind
  3. Champ you enjoy

The first two teach you all the basics you need like buffs, targeted spells and prediction

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