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vude's Draven guide

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                                   Vude's Draven Guide on Steroids





My Introduction : I started maining Draven in season 6 and he was the first champion I hit Diamond with (scriptless)

He's a pretty fun (imo) high-risk high-reward ADC, the playstyle I've been the most successful with was the most aggresive I could, pretty much every game I either stomped either got stomped and I'm not the only one that's been successful using this, it's pretty much the best playstyle you can "use" on Draven, and with scripts it's even easier, now let's talk about pros/cons.
Pros : Late-game you will probably 3-shot every carry from their team
It's the champion with the highest potential in snowballing, pretty much 100-0 or 0-100
Insane damage if built correctly.
A global ultimate (Enable Base-Ult scripts so you win XD)
A very high outplay potential and it's even easier when scripting.
As he is the most snowbally champion in the entire game, you can tell that he has huge rewarding.
Cons : Squishy (Just like every Marksman)
A very bad waveclear if you don't go Stattik Shiv (and you won't unless you're 20/0 and trying new builds)
No escapes
Way too easy to predict what he's doing
Pretty hard to master his mechanics (unless you're scripting)
Now let's talk about his abilities:
His passive is League of Draven, everytime he catches an axe or kills a minion or destroys a turret he will get a stack that results in +2 gold when killing an enemy so if you have 100 stacks and you kill an enemy you will get (base kill gold, probably 300 + 25 + 100x2) and that is 525 gold, it's a lot for a single kill isn't it? The sad thing is that you lose 75% of the stacks upon dying.
So because of this passive, I like to trade 1 for 1 if I get the kill first or even if I don't but keep in mind that you won't get as much gold, if Draven gets a kill and the enemy team gets a kill (or kills Draven), Draven is in advantage, so trade 1 for 1's, they're worth it.
His Q is his signature ability and it's called "Spinning Axe" you probably know what it does but I'm going to explain. he does a lot of bonus damage on his basic attacks with the cost of him needing to catch them after the damage is dealt.
You can't say anything about this ability and there are only 2 tips that I can give you in using this ability efficiently.
If you don't try to move after basic attacking, the axe will either come where you are when the damage is dealt either random, so if you basic attack and try to move in a place, the axe will be dropped at the best position possible.
And the second tip is be smart when using it, if the axe is near their assassin just reset it, a smart Draven player will know where to drop an axe to reset it or when to catch it.
His W is Blood Rush, it is an attack and movement speed steroid that resets its cooldown if you catch an axe. 
The only tip that I can give you is to use it whenever you're fighting and when you're chasing, but look at your mana.
His E is Stand Aside and it makes the enemies stand aside, not even joking, this is the only thing that it does besides dealing a bit of damage and giving a little slow.
The only thing you should know about this is to use it when you're all-in'ing mostly after the first or second basic attack.
His ult is Whirling Death, it's a global ability that returns to Draven when the map ends, hits a champion or when you recast it.
Either use it to snipe either when all-in'ing because the enemies have to dodge it twice. (Even though it will probably cast by itself if you're scripting XD)
Now let's talk about match-ups.
There's nothing to say when talking about ADC match-ups. ALL marksman vs marksman match-ups are skill match-ups. The only champions you will have a harder time against are Lucian and bruisers.
And the supports...
Try to AVOID playing against heal/shield supports, playing against a Lulu, Nami, Janna, Soraka or champions like that are a pain. Against those champions try not to flash-basic their team when the supports are near because they will be saved by their supports 80% of the time.
When you're scripting just pray that you will be against a tank support. The only thing they do is trying to make you unable to move with their cc and 90% of those abilities are skillshots, so in my opinion you don't have to worry about it when using evade.
The supports Draven works with are the majority of the supports honestly.
My favourite supports when playing Draven are (in best-worst order) Nami, Thresh, Lulu, Janna, Soraka.
And finally the build:
You always start either doran's blade/1 pot, doran's shield/1 pot, or long sword 3 pots.
Try to recall in the first 7 minutes and ALWAYS look for a B.F Sword on ur first back
The final build should look like this :
Bloodthirster, Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads/Berserker's Greaves, Stormrazor, RapidFire Cannon, Mercurial Scimitar/Guardian Angel, Phantom Dancer/Stattik Shiv (mostly Phantom Dancer for the damage reduction)
That's everything you should know about Draven, for questions PM me on the forums, or join discord.gg/C5mf3C8 and look for vude.

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