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Got a few questions

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Hello, i've tried external GOS a while ago, definitely felt different from scripting back in the day. I dont see much use in pressing spacebar anymore, and especially with the bans going on i'm starting to wonder what external could be useful for for me, is there any list of things that GOS can offer? For example,

Autosmiting objectives,

Indicating when a darius ult is lethal, much like chogath already has standard,


Would things like this be bannable? Or is that not known yet? I've vaguely read that orbwalking is dangerous, but with this new anticheat i'd assume visual assistance is bannable too.

Basically, what exactly could GOS offer?


And about internal, seems kinda fun to go blatant a couple of games. I assume internal gets you banned within a week?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't understand what are you talking about... If you say that you are already tried GoS External, within the standard logic of the human being, you should already know what is offered. It offers you the ability to use Scripts, currently it is the only platform fighting against the new and excellent Riot AntiCheat System, 


When did you try the Internal? It has not been updated for a long time...


Like all games in which you use Cheats, sooner or later, you will end up banned. Currently it is under risk to use GoS, but as I understand @Feretorix has an ace under the handle.


And Yes, as I told you before, if you have already "used" GoS External, I think you really know the amount and variety of scripts that can offer.

Greetings, my best wishes! <3 :)

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