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League Of Legends Review

League of legends

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I have been using the product for quite a while and thought now is a good time to leave a review.

having seen over the years a bunch of changes to league, g.o.s has managed to keep up and give up a safe platform that has only gotten better in time.

the constant updates to scripts and support that you can reach out too if you have a problem, ensures the platform does care about their people,

the ban rates for me are extremely low and rare so my hat goes off to whoever is behind keeping it this way.


if you are considering giving this a go, in short, my answer is a big YES.

one day in rage after being beaten by an Ezreal with perfect movements never missing a shot I said, *u know what stuff this, I want to start scripting*

got myself a subscription and into the rift I went,

my 1st game ever was the best, I was popping off with Ezreal just in the same fashion that I was beaten in the night prior. and it felt great, the passion that I lost for league had come back.

since then, I had scripted on and off reaching plat 2 with scripts and could easily see myself higher if it weren't for my own macro and decision-making abilities.


the scripts themselves are awesome.

can choose from a large selection of scripts for each champion created by different developers, just try a few until one matches your taste.

there is a range of utility scripts to go alongside your champion scripts,

I currently use the auto dodge skill shot feature *evadee* to only dodge certain threatening abilities during team fights. for example.

another one that auto levels my skills in the order I assign, uses potions automatically and can use summoner spells i.e., exhaust/ignite at the perfect timing.

and mainly the orb Walker, attack moving and auto last hitting minions is probably the best thing about it, all while holding 1 button.

the forums are open to some suggestions, if you play a champion a certain way or prefer its script does something a little more intuitive you can always suggest and have it possibly implemented in future updates.


in all I love the loader, no lag, no crashes, simple U.I to customize your script in game.

took a few games to get the hang of using new key binds but now I can't play without it.

Brang me from silver to plat 2 whilst having little game sense. and I am sure, someone who is brighter at the game in general could peak even higher.


so here is my review with a thanks attached to it!

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Appreciate your honest review!

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