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Auto. Summoner. Spells.

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Or in short - A.S.S. xD

So, what we already know about Summoners Spells? There is 13 of them.
* Barrier - self, creating shield for 2 seconds.
* Heal - self+ally, healing instantly + speed buff.
* Clarity - self+ally(AoE), restoring 40% maximum mana.
x Clairvoyance - global, shows area of map (works like blue trinket)
* Cleanse - self, remove all debuffs and disables, and lower incoming debuff time by 65%.
x Exhaust - enemy, reducing movespeed, attack speed, armor, MR, damage for 2.5 seconds
* Flash - location, teleports to that location
x Ghost - self, increases movement speed by 27% for 10 seconds + PD ability
* Ignite - enemy, do damage over time and reduce healing and regeneration + grants vision of target
* Smite - mob/enemy, do damage + various things depending on used smite
x Teleport - ally target, teleports to that target
And 2 more
* Mark/Dash - enemy/skillshot, do damage + allowing to instantly dash to hit enemy.
x Garrison - turret, increase power of ally turret or decrease power of enemy turret for 8 seconds.

And, you know, you can automatize almost all of them! Let's see how!

M: Survival Module
Automatizes Heal and Barrier.

When we must use Barrier? To surprise enemy with additional 115-455 HP. You know, even 115 HP (it is a 2 autoattacks at lvl 1 usually) can turn tide of battle.
So, there we go:
Condition 1: There is an enemy nearby us.
Condition 2: One of enemies AAing us, and AA projectile is almost reached our hero.
Condition 3: We have (1-20)% HP.
Condition 1: There is an enemy skillshot that will hit us in next second.
Condition 2: This skillshot will kill us, but will not kill us if we will have Barrier active (else, why waste it?)
Kinda like that.

What about Heal? ALMOST THE SAME! To surprise enemy with 90-345 additional HP. Or... to save our ally.
There is two conditions you can see above. Plus, Heal have 3 more...
Condition 1: There is an enemy nearby us.
Condition 2: There is an ally nearby us, and he is in enemy AA range.
Condition 3: He have (1-20)% HP.
Same for skillshots for ally.
Condition 1: There is an enemy skillshot that will hit us in next second.
Condition 2: We have both Heal and Barrier ready. Only if we use both skills we able to survive skillshot.
Next module, please.

M: Killing Module
Automatizes Ignite and Smite (only Blu and Red ones). Also, able to automatize Mark.

Ah, Ignite. Beloved skill by every player. 410 True Damage in 5 seconds. Almost no chances of survival, if used in right time and place. And as bonus - vision of enemy!
And, yeah. This module will ensure that we using Ignite in right PLACE and TIME.
There is 5 modes of automatically use Ignite, and the higher the number of mode, the more ensured Ignite will be.
Mode 1 (Ultralight):
Condition 1: Target's Health + Target's Health Regeneration Rate * 5 seconds < Ignite Damage.
Mode 2 (Light):
Condition 1: See Mode 1.
Condition 2: Target don't have potions (or have, but they will not save target from death)
Condition 3: Target don't have heal/shield spells ready in 5 seconds (like GP's W, or Summs Heal/Barrier) (or they will not save target from death).
Mode 3 (Medium):
Condition 1: See Mode 2.
Condition 2: Don't have passive heal (Volibear's one, for example), don't have life-saving ultimates or passives or items (Zillean, Aatrox, Anivia, Tryndamare and so on)
Mode 4 (Hard and Heavy):
Condition 1: See Mode 3.
Condition 2: Don't have allies nearby that can heal, or use ultimate (like Kayle one) on target.
Mode 5 (Extreme):
Condition 1: See Mode 4.
Condition 2: We can land one AA to guarantee kill.
Condition 3: There is no enemies nearby, or they can't heal, or if there VISIBLE mass-healers (like Soraka) without theirs ultimates, and nothing and no-one can save Target.

Smite and Mark is easier. It doing 1 time instant damage + some damage after AAs (if this is Red one). So securing kills is easy as checking one condition!
Condition 1: Target's Health < Smite (Mark) Player Damage.

M: Flashing Module
Helps with Flash.

You was in situations when you using Flash... but forgetting to move your cursor as far away as possible and teleporting somewhere you didn't wanted to?
Now, no more!
With new checkbox "Flash onto maximum distance possible", you able to get maximum effeciency from every your Flash!

M: Antidebuff Module
Helps with Cleanse.
Of course it is already implemented in GoS.

M: Manarefill Module
Helps with Clarity.
Last module. Next conditions:
Condition 1: There is 5 allies (including our hero) in range of Clarity
Condition 2: Every ally in range have 60% MP or less. (Having other secondary bar, like Energy or Fury, usually equals as 0% MP)
Condition 1: There is 4 allies (including our hero) in range
Condition 2: Every ally in range have 50% MP or less.
3 allies and 40%
2 allies and 30%
And only us in range and 20%.

That's all!
Other summoners can't be automated as great as above ones, and they are manual!

Thanks for reading, and will see you NEXT time!
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nice ! heal is already in btw :D

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Good logics! :)
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It heal has long been :) And a very good suggestion

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nice nice give script's :(

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