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GoS EXT going private after Vanguard release.

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First of all I want to thank everybody for sticking around to one of the oldest platforms out there. (We're here since 2015).

We're pleased to announce that we will keep on fighting upcoming anti-cheats as our skills keep allowing it.


This means that GoS EXT will become GoS EXT Priv8 or "GOS EXTP" for short.

That is not everything though, the game of cat and mouse will get more tense.

Which means that we have to be very careful not to get hit from detections and bans.

This "safety" comes with a price, sadly the upcoming GOS EXTP will increase in cost.


How you can apply to use the new (old) product which will support existing scripts?

  1. Must have purchased GoS EXT before in the past 8 years.
  2. Must apply for new special verification rank. (can be denied)
  3. In case of denial; in a PM will be offered different type of way (maybe).


Will there be a pre-purchase phase?

  • Probably not. GOS has not been the best platform, but has always been honest with it's users. Until the AC deploys live -  I can't guarantee on 100% the bypass working properly and perfectly (on patch day) even though I will be fully prepared when the day comes - everything to work as planned. 

Will there be limit of slots/users?

  • Yes, I have planned between 50 and 100 users for start. Depending on the alternative bypass methods and HWID spoofing methods we might hit a ceiling of 150 or maximum 200 users. The smaller userbase - the less chance of leaks and getting banned.

Can I pay some big sum of money, let's say 690.69$ for an exclusive slot to overfill the starting 50 slots?

  • While that is amazing for my pocket, it is not amazing for my loyal customer base. The answer is No.

Ok then, where can I apply for free before the 50 slots are filled?



What happens to the normal GoS EXT on the old price?

  • It will stay here for users in CN to use it, purchasing it will not allow you to script on Rito servers.

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