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New rules affecting developers, but not limited to only them.

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Greetings, it's already 2021 and times have changed. The internet has provided us with great chat tools to use and great people around the corner.

So it's time to add a new rule which applies to absolutely everybody, except Administrators and Moderators.



The rule is the following:

-Sharing discord channel link in any form is forbidden, meaning in a script topic, in your signature or any other way - forbidden.


People have been abusing this to form their own small fan-base or communities, controlling a chunk of people, selling them promises or scripts or anything else, scamming them and not delivering, talking behind the back of the staff of GoS, damaging the reputation of the site and so on. The time has come - discord redirecting GOS users is not allowed without exception! It is only harming our dear users and we have no control to protect them in those 3rd party channels.




Extra rule for developers:

-If your rank is anything lower than a real developer which gets paid monthly salary, (including Trial Developer) you are not allowed to use auto-updating mechanism in your scripts.

If you do - your topic will be hidden until you remove the auto-updating code. For the sake of protecting our users from broken scripts this is a must, every user-customer must have a smooth experience and the ability to update the scripts themselves whenever feeling like it.




Everything we do - it's for protecting and providing a smooth and safe experience for our precious GoS users, this is our number one priority.

With my best regards, Feretorix.

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